Dynagear Splined Couplings For Hydraulic Pumps & Motors

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    Dynagear Hydraulic

    Dynagear Splined Couplings For Hydraulic Pumps & Motors

    Splined couplings are manufactured from K1045 Carbon steel. They are intended for joining two splined shafts together and the outside diameter of the coupling cannot be guaranteed to be true to the axis of the spline. Couplings have a thin wall, take care if welding.

    Dynagear Hydraulic Spline Details

    Female involute splines listed in this catalogue are fillet root side fit. They may be with flat root fit shafts.

    Imperial involute splines are to ANSI B92.1-1970 Class5. On ANSI splines actual O.D of mating shaft may be smaller than shown as nominal spline O.D to allow for root clearance.

    Metric involute splines listed are to DEUTSCHE NORMEN DIN 5480, DIN 5482 or DIN 5462.

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