Char-Lynn Hydraulic Wheel Delta Motor

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    Char-Lynn Hydraulic

    Char-Lynn Hydraulic Wheel Delta Motor

    This wheel motor is the latest addition to the Char Lynn product line. The Delta motor provides torques up to 11,500 in-lbs. Eaton has packed this motor with many “best in class” features: the optimized geroler profile ensures smooth operation; the disc valve technology has the best performance and the bearing capacity is the highest in the industry for very demanding applications.

    Char-Lynn Hydraulic Wheel Features

    • Excellent reliability with time proven Char-Lynn components
    • Proven disc valve technology with the highest efficiencies in its class
    • Leak resistant motor with the front bearing protecting the shaft seal
    • Torque up to 10,500 lb-in intermittant duty / Flow up to 30 GPM intermittant
    • 12 displacements available from 6.9 to 46 CID
    • Shaft sizes up to 1-5/8 inch
    • 3-1/4 inch front pilot and 5 inch rear pilot
    • STC ports available

    Char-Lynn Hydraulic Wheel Benefits

    • Perfect replacement for ParkerĀ® TF-TG and WhiteTM RE motors
    • Lowest no load pressure drop which leads to longer life and lower temperature operation
    • Highest overall efficiency: more available HP to the system than competitive motors
    • The highest side load capacity with 4,500 lbs standard at 3″ from the mount face

    Char-Lynn Hydraulic Applications

    • Scissor Lift
    • Boom Lift
    • Industrial Sweeper
    • Mower

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