Hydraulic Dog Clutch

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    Dynagear Hydraulic Components

    Dynagear offers range of power transmission components like flexible coupling with clamplock spine locking, hydraulic motor overhung load adaptors, LPTO, tractor hydraulic pump PTO drives, splined components for hydraulics and mobile equipment, clamplock driveline companion flanges and yokes, single pump drives for diesel engines, right angle bevel drives, replacement parts for mobile equipment and contract machined components, right angle bevel drives, mini shaft to shaft couplings, cooling elements (add on or replacement) and dog clutches.

    OEM Dynamics provides multiple hydraulic pump drives like TechnoDrive and Durst multiple hydraulic pump drives. OEM Dynamics’ Dynacool brand offers a range of products which includes, air cooled oil coolers like aluminium air- oil coolers, steel air – oil coolers, hydraulic motor driven fans, oil coolers with coaxial pump, Versacool oil coolers 12 & 24 volt, mobile 12 & 24 Volt DC motor fans and tower type air cooled oil heat exchangers for huge oil cooling.

    Dynagear Dog Clutch For Hydraulic Pumps And Motors

    APPLICATIONS – Direct front crankshaft drive of hydraulic pumps from engine on cranes, transit mixers, special vehicles, fishing boats etc where pump requires disengaging when not in use. Use anticlockwise version for above applications.
    Drives for hydraulic pumps from rear of engine or from flywheel PTO when engine has separate power delivery requirement where hydraulic pump needs disengaging when not in use. Use clockwise version for direct drive off rear of engine.

    FEATURES – The unit may be supplied to suit SAE ‘A’, SAE ‘B’ or SAE ‘C’ hydraulic pumps or motors or as a shaft to shaft version. The standard manual version shown, features automatic spring loaded engagement on start-up and positive gate control in either the engaged or disengaged positions. The unit may be easily adapted for electric solenoid or cable control. The clutch casing is cast iron, bearings are deep groove ball type. The drive dogs are specially shaped to provide fast engagement and resistance to jump out even with reversing loads. The dogs are made from hardened high strength alloy steel. The unique actuating mechanism is designed for long trouble free life.

    CAPACITY – Maximum continuous input capacity is 0.053 HP per rev with a continuous torque rating of 282 lbf ft Max brief peak torque is 413 lbs ft. Side loading is limited. The unit is shipped dry, and must be filled before use. Fill to oil level plug depth with ATF automatic transmission fluid (approx.10.5 fl oz). Ensure gasket or sealant is used between hydraulic. pump/motor and clutch as spline is open to lubricant.

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