Series EKM & ECM Water Cooled Extended Surface Oil Coolers

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    Dynacool Hydraulic

    OEM Dynamics provides multiple hydraulic pump drives like TechnoDrive and Durst multiple hydraulic pump drives. OEM Dynamics’ Dynacool brand offers a range of products which includes, air cooled oil coolers like aluminium air- oil coolers, steel air – oil coolers, hydraulic motor driven fans, oil coolers with coaxial pump, Versacool oil coolers 12 & 24 volt, mobile 12 & 24 Volt DC motor fans and tower type air cooled oil heat exchangers for huge oil cooling.

    Dynacool Series EKM & ECM Water Cooled Extended Surface Oil Coolers

    With higher heat transfer from the oil through our finned extended surface tube bundle, max. heat enters to water tube walls for fast removal at lower levels of water flow. Features include water usage reduced by 40 to 50%. Cooler size reduction by 30 to 40 %. High cycle pressure to 35 BAR. High impact strength. Surge cushion relief valve available. All models have 90/10 CuNi water tubes for use in bad water environments.

    EKM Performance to 200 kW. Oil flows to 200 L/min.
    ECM Performance to 400 kW Oil flows to 700 L/min.

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