SPX Stone Pick-A-Pack Range

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    SPX Stone Hydraulic

    SPX Stone Pick-A-Pack

    The Stone Pick-A-Pack product range is based on a system of modular construction which was pioneered by Stone Hydraulics when the company was founded in 1968. This concept and the components utilized have been continuously refined and improved through the years. Today, Stone applies the most advanced manufacturing technologies and the highest quality materials and components available to provide this unique and extremely flexible product range.

    International Distributor Pick-A-Pack Product Range

    This section is designed to aid the user in selecting a combination of pump, motor, reservoir, and valves which will precisely suit their needs.
    All of the components in the Pick-A-Pack product range are designed to be interchangeable with mating components. All components are modular in design and the “international” endhead is the key component of this interchangeable system. Any desired combination of drive motor, pump, reservoir, and control valving can be either assembled into or manifolded onto this endhead. This is available in three configurations, with either NPTF, SAE or G3/8 porting.

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