Walvoil Sectional Valves

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    Walvoil Hydraulic


    Walvoil is one of the main producers of hydraulic valves and complete mechatronic systems for the worldwide market of moving equipment. We develop, create products and systems to hydraulically and electronically control all what revolves around movement. We do it by listening, attention, professionalism and competences in constant evolution, which we offer to our customers and partners operating in different sectors and markets.

    Amongst them the most relevant are: agricultural equipment, industrial vehicles, aerial cranes and platforms, construction and earth moving machines.

    Our origins are also supported in the realization of an authentic daily vocation to flexibility and efficiency, whose results are marked customizations, if required, and high competitiveness.
    Walvoil offers a wide range of products more and more dedicated and tested for every application: monoblock valves, sectional valves, load sensing valves with electro-proportional controls interfaced with digital electronics, remote controls and diverter valves.

    Walvoil Sectional Valves

    Sections modularity; parallel, series and tandem circuit possibility; port service valve prearrangement; adjustable regulating flow and pressure intermediate sections; these features let Walvoil sectional valves offer the right flexibility in a high technology system.

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